About TasTanz

About TasTanz
Please find some general information below regarding our services and possible answers to your queries.

TasTanz Connection Pty Limited – who we are and what we do? 

We are a small Tasmanian based company that puts together itineraries based on personal research, for travel in Africa and India.

We research various destinations and safari tour operators (Operators). These are listed on our website.

If you are interested in obtaining further information or in booking a trip with one of our operators we will answer any queries you may have, via email or phone.

We provide a booking referral service and if you are interested in booking one of our itineraries, we can submit a booking request form on your behalf to the relevant Operator. Your Operator will then liaise with you, and once your booking is confirmed  will request a deposit from you.

Who provides the actual services?

We have selected a number of Operators that we consider ethical. Submitting a Booking Request to us does not constitute provision of the service by us. When you purchase a trip through an Operator, the service is provided by the Operator and not by the TasTanz Connection Pty Limited. The Operator will liaise with you and confirm your booking after we have submitted your booking request. When you confirm and pay for your trip, it is the Operator’s responsibility to observe all fulfillment, billing and customer service requirements. We strongly suggest that you review the Operators terms and conditions before you confirm and pay for your booking with the Operator as these are the terms and conditions that you will be bound by.

Why did we pick these providers?

We have selected these Operators because we believe that they offer services that meet clients’ requirements and are ethical. Our Operators are professional, reliable and friendly.

We have made every effort to select the best Operators but we cannot guarantee that every Operator will meet your price and service expectations. Remember that delivery of all services is the Operators’ responsibility and not the TasTanz Connection Pty Limited.

How are we affiliated with the providers?

We receive commissions from all Booking Requests submitted through this website that result in a Booking being made with the Operator.

What happens to my personal information?

We will use your personal details only if you have agreed to receive information from us or you wish us to submit a booking request for you to an Operator. We will only send you what you have asked for. You can read our privacy policy here. For information on how your personal information will be used by the Operators you book with, we suggest you read their privacy policies.

What if I have a complaint about one of the services?

If you need help or have a complaint about any service or trip you have purchased through an Operator, please contact the Operator directly. If you experience difficulties with the Operator once the tour commences, you should discuss this with the Operator at this time.

We regularly evaluate our Operators and are happy to hear about your experiences with them. While we take no responsiblity for the services provided by the Operators, your feedback will assist us in our ongoing assessment of the services that they provide.

Who we are

We are a small company based in Hobart, Tasmania, selling tailor-made and “off the shelf” safaris. We began selling safaris only to Tanzania, hence the “Tas-Tanz connection”, but clients who had been to Tanzania began asking for a another safari, so we have added  other countries to our portfolio.

What do we offer?

With thorough research, careful attention to detail, and time spent matching the client with the right safari, we offer life-changing experiences.

Why we do this?

The continued existence of wild animals in Africa, is no casual event. It is due to an enormous amount of effort and expense. More recently, similar efforts are being made in India. The conservation of land and wildlife needs to be sustainable – tourism, preferably, low-impact, is a means to achieve this. Inherent in this, is the improvement of the lives of local communities who need to benefit from conservation. The desire for a greater good, in a world of cynicism, is what drives us.