Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

Anna Lappa, Small Planet Institute


Long gone are the days where animals in Africa roamed free and wild, in abundance.  Without extraordinary efforts in conservation throughout Africa, we face the extinction of wildlife and the ecosystems that support them.

Lion populations are dwindling. Once ranging far and wide across the continent, the population has decreased by 42% in 21 years . Read further …

The black rhinoceros population has decreased by 97.6% since 1960 and is critically endangered. Read further …

Many other African species are dwindling, such as African wild dog, bonobos ….. Read further

However, in this terribly bleak and depressing picture, there is something positive. It’s a new model of conservation in Africa,which is quite simply, inspirational.

It’s a model where every-one wins.

It’s no-one’s gain at the expense of another.

About thirty years ago, men like David Varty (who established Conservation Corporation Africa, now “and Beyond”), Colin Bell (who established Wilderness Safaris) and Luke Bailes, (CEO of Singita), amongst others recognised that as Africa was changing, with an increasing human population, habitat loss and an overall decline in wildlife, conservation would have to pay for itself. The way forward would be to attract low-impact tourism that would fund the conservation of land and wildlife and improve the lives of local communities. Local communities had to benefit from conservation.

These three companies have an extraordinary record of creating wildlife reserves, by creating concessions (often on the borders of national parks), where land that has been degraded, is restored, wildlife re-introduced and lives of extremely poor people dramatically improved with training and  jobs, and assistance in  community projects.

In addition to these large companies, there are small safari companies, “doing good.”

and Beyond

The slogan for and Beyond is “care of the land, care of the wildlife, care of the people.” It runs its conservation efforts across Africa and central India.

Wilderness Safaris

Wilderness’ extensive conservation efforts and its strong focus on the preservation of biomes extends from South Africa to the Congo, including Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Malawi, and the Seychelles.

Read about their efforts

Have a look at this video



Singita operates in South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.
Have a look at what Luke Bailes of Singita says about conservation in Africa.

Singita run the Grumeti concession bordering on the western border of the Serengeti. Their anti-poaching efforts are just one of their amazing contributions.

Singita runs the Malilangwe Trust in the south east of Zimbabwe.  Pamushana Lodge is located in Malilangwe Reserve. The Trust feed 19,000 children every day. Read about the programme


Hoopoe is a small East African company similarly dedicated to conservation of the land and wildlife, by running eco-friendly camps, providing job opportunities and  supporting community projects. They punch well above their weight.

 Read about their community based tourism